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Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is here! Time to say good bye to summer and wish everyone a Happy Labor Day. Be it with one last BBQ, the last dive in the pool, a parade, or picnic.

As we celebrate Labor Day we should take time to reach out to those who make your everyday life easier and thank them for their hard work.

We at Ultimate Service Associates would like to wish you, your family, and friends a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

Are Your Generators Prepared to Perform?

A powerful earthquake rattled through Northern California early Sunday morning, leaving dozens wounded and thousands without power. It is the strongest earthquake to hit the Napa Valley area in nearly 25 years. 

For areas prone to seismic activity, system designers must consider the International Building Code standards for key buildings applicable to those areas. A system designer must consider the behavior of non-structural elements during seismic activity/earthquakes.

New IBC codes now consider critical equipment to be part of a structure and require certification of an equipment’s ability to perform after experiencing seismic shocks.

Call USA today and ensure that your generator is prepared.

What Can USA Do For Your Business?

USA's Single Source Service Management Program frees up our client's valuable resources and time, places generator service in the hands of a team completely focused on generator service across the United States, and creates greater efficiencies with lower costs.

In addition to telecommunications and healthcare facilities, we provide generator services for major distribution centers of nationwide companies.

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Guide to Generator Set Installation in Areas of Seismic Activity

Several areas of the U.S. are designated as higher areas of seismic activity. System designers have to consider the installation codes applicable to designated areas of seismic activity

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