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Record Heat and an Aging Electrical Grid Increase the Risk of Power Outages.

The growing risk of overlapping heat waves and power failures poses a severe threat to power resiliency. There's been a doubling in the number of blackouts per year in the last five years. Moreover, those blackouts were most likely to occur during the summer months when there is an increased demand on the electrical grid to power air-conditioning.

High temperatures and other severe weather appear to be here to stay and the power outages they cause can be devastating to business operations. Given the instability of the grid, the best preparedness plan is to have a generator. And to make sure that the generator stays in optimal running condition.

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Your Single Source Generator Service Provider.

Ultimate Service Associates (USA) is the nation's premier generator set maintenance and repair management organization.

  • A single point of contact for all generators nationwide
  • Expert generator knowledge
  • 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and 24 hour a day personal service
  • Unparalleled communication with our clients
  • Timely and personalized scheduling
  • Detailed reporting before, during, and after the service
  • Standardized and managed pricing
  • Billing management and service that is dedicated to our clients complete generator system management

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Mission Statement.

Ultimate Service Associates' mission is to provide quality generator system service as a single point of contact nationwide.

We Are the Ultimate Service.

We are the "Ultimate Service" when it comes to Single Source Nationwide Generator Service and Maintenance, our name says it all.

Generator System Backup Managing Brownouts.

This information sheet discusses why brownouts occur, the damaging effect on different types of connected loads, and why it is just as important to install a standby generator system to protect against brownouts as blackouts.

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