September 1, 2016

Ultimate Service Associates LLC (USA) of Tulsa, OK and North American Site Services LLC (NASS) of Irving, TX announce that the two premiere providers of service and support to the critical power generation industry will merge September 1, 2016.

The new organization, Ultimate Service Associates, a North American Site Services Company, provides planned maintenance and related analytic and support services to industrial generator and power systems operators throughout the U.S., Canada, and parts of Latin America.

The new organization, like its predecessors, will support the backup power needs of telecommunication, financial services and insurance companies, health care providers, retailers, distribution centers, data base systems operators and federal, state and local government operations.

Kirk Hilbig, president and founder of Ultimate Service Associates LLC, will become President of the new combined company, which will be an Oklahoma entity, based in Tulsa. Some current NASS operations in Irving will also be transferred to Tulsa. Headquarters in Tulsa places Ultimate Services Associates in the center of the US and Canadian time zones spanned by power system networks. From this location, USA/NASS manages a network of service providers with over 400 service locations and 1500+ certified technicians. “The union of the two privately held companies doubles the current business volume that each has now and will provide some significant additional benefits for new and existing customers”, Hilbig said.

Both companies do what they do well now,” Hilbig said. “This will allow us to combine and improve best practices at both companies to find even better ways to serve our customers,” he said. “Together we bring a lot of years of experience to the table.”

“What we are doing is taking two strong service companies and creating an even stronger one,” said Chris Stiles, Managing Member of North American Site Services. “This provides us a very deep bench for supporting national service operations and a more diversified customer base to keep us very strong,” Stiles said.

Examples of operators of power system networks include: telecommunication networks, database companies, nationwide health service providers, national retail operations, and government agencies.

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Customer Testimonials

Ultimate Service Associates has been a company that we have depended on to get any job done put forth to them on time, within budget, and surpassing expectations every time.

Our company has successfully utilized the services of Ultimate Service Associates, and has been very satisfied with your ability to perform generator system maintenance and repairs I would like to commend you on the quality and professional service you provide to us.

I have had the fortunate experience to work with the Ultimate Service Associates (USA) team over the past two years. We utilize their services to provide portable power solutions for expansion project for our independent terminal system. I have been completely satisfied with their performance, timely responses, and ease in which they provide their services

Frequently Asked Questions

Question - How do I ensure my generators will start when the utility fails?
Answer – You need an effective planned maintenance generator service schedule.

Question - Why should a correctly installed generator fail to start?
Answer – It may be susceptible to fuel deterioration, battery discharge, component corrosion or other issue that only schedule maintenance will diagnose.

Question – Is it not more economic to use service technicians for other equipment on site to service the generator.
Answer – No. Only a trained and certified generator technician should perform maintenance on a generator system.

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