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Happy 4th of July from Ultimate Service Associates

Ultimate Service Associates would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe 4th of July weekend.

During this time of celebration we would also like to thank the brave men and woman who have made our country free. Happy Fourth of July!

Data Centers and the Risk of Power Outages

While exact figures may vary, when it comes to assessing the cost of data center power outages, the news is anything but positive. More shocking than the cost is the fact that data center outages are common.

When your data center can't afford to be without power for even a second, you can rely on Ultimate Service Associates. We understand the impact a power loss can have to your company and our team will work to keep your network of generators in top condition and ready to work should a power outage occur.

Are You Prepared for Summer Brownouts?

Frequent power outages during summer months are due to Brownouts. This is when air-conditioning usage peaks and the electrical systems are overloaded and the generating facility is unable to provide enough power, which results in a “sag”. Brownouts can also occur when severe storms disrupt the distribution grid, or when there are other problems in the system. Brownouts can be short-term (minutes to hours) or long term (days or more) depending on how quickly an electric company can get full power running.

Don't wait until the middle of a power outage to discover your business is not prepared.

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Mission Statement

Ultimate Service Associates' mission is to provide quality generator system service as a single point of contact nationwide.

We Are the Ultimate Service

We are the "Ultimate Service" when it comes to Single Source Nationwide Generator Service and Maintenance, our name says it all.

Generator 101 - Ohm’s Law, Electrical Voltage, and Conductivity

This Information Sheet series discusses the basics of electricity, including; Ohm’s law, electrical voltage and conductivity as regards the best material for conducting electrical current and insulating from electrical current.

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